492 Belcher Hancock’s Report

    [North Kingston July 14th 1750]

    The College Farm in North Kingston under the improvement of Mr. Jonathan Reignolds is in the following condition, about 200 Acres are cleared and fenced but indifferently, 30 Acres are mowed this year, 13 Planted with Indian Corn, 8 with Rye which was Broke up last August and 3 with Oats. This Spring there was 180 Apple Trees planted near the House but no Fence Round them, wintered 10 Horn Cattle and 100 Sheep, summers 12 Horn Cattle, five Horses and 200 Sheep. There is like to be about 15 Tun of English Hay, 200 Chord of Wood was sold, the Pasture and mowing Land should be cleared. He says two men will mow the Brush in about 3 weeks and designs it this Fall. The Fence in gene rail is but poor.

    Mr. Cleaveland has cleared above fifty Acres, plows about 8 acres and mows about 10, the Rest is Pasture, planted sixty Apple Trees last Fall was 12 months.

    Belcher Hancock

    Narragansett Farm Papers, p. 15. See No. 487 for an earlier report by Belcher.