445 Palmer Cleaveland to Henry Flynt

    [North Kingston December the 24 1737]

    Mr Flynt Sir

    I received yours Dated November the 2d 1737. Sir I having considered about your proposals concerning the College land, Sir you have sent I may have it for Ten years, but the Time is to short to Clear and fence so much land and Plant such orchard, but if you will Let me have For the Term of 14 years I will Comply to your Terms, For it is a great Charge to improve the Land as you have set forth. I pray your answer by the bearer Mr. Tripp and in so doing youl greatly oblidge your Friend To serve.

    Palmer Cleaveland

    [Addressed:] To Mr. Henry Flynt at Cambridge.

    Narragansett Farm Papers, p. 7. See No. 453 for material on the back of this document.