425 President Wadsworth to William Lawrence

    Cambridge April 15, 1735

    Capt. Lawrence

    When Capt. Bordman (whom we imployed to take care of the College interest in Lands in Townshend) returned last from Townshend, he informed us, that those impowered to set out the Lands belonging to the College in that Town, had agreed and voted, that 75 Acres should be laid out adjoining westerly to that 100 Acres allready laid out to the College, and 75 Acres on the easterly side; now, understanding that you are concerned in setting out to the College what’s their due we desire, if it may be, that you would hasten that matter; that so Mr. Stephen and Mr. Henry Prentice (now going to Townshend) may bring down a Plan of the whole, with an attested copy from your Records of the Bounds of the College Land. We shall readily defray any charge that shall reasonably arise on this account. If you could so expedite the present buisness, as that Mr. Prentice could bring a Plan, and copy, as above said, we should be greatly obliged to you; if it can’t be done now, pray send us word when it can be done

    Benja. Wadsworth in the name of the Committee for the College.

    For Capt. William Lawrence in Groton

    A true copy.

    Lands Papers, Miscellaneous, 1. 43. William Lawrence was a member of the earlier committee, which laid out 100 acres to the College in 1734; he died in 1764.