426 Stephen Prentice on Townsend Lands

    28 April 1735. Mr. Stephen Prentice informed Mr. Flynt that he has bin at Townsend and was informed that the College Lands were all laid out, was also informed that the 100 Acres of said Land laid out by Mr. Jones288 fell short in the measure on one side 11 Rods and on the other side 13 Rods. This information that Mr. Prentice had refering to the falling short of Mr. Jones’s measure was from Capt. Stevens289 that has laid out the 150 acres to compleat the grant.

    6 acres 3 quarters and 20 Rods short of the measure in the 100 acres Mr. Jones laid out.

    Lands Papers, Miscellaneous, 1. 43.