269 Thomas Hollis to Benjamin Colman

    London March 2, 1722/23

    Mr. Benjamin Colman

    Deare Sir

    There is sent unto you such a number of letters by Capt. Osborn enuf to tire any man to read but Mr. Colman if they come safe to hand, from Mr. Neale Mr. Harris and my Brother and my self &c. Since the sealing my packet unto you, I received your letter by Capt. Clark dated Xber 19 on our Feb. 9, and one dated Novem. 17 on our Feb. 12 by Samuel Penhallow Esq., and a Packet of N. Sever and Welsted’s memorials to the Overseers, which Dummer had in Xber, but has been pleased to keep by him for about 2 Months without sending them to me, though I supose they came in a packet to me sealed and directed to Mr. Dummer, and I sent him the packet about 12 xber the same day I received it from the Captain.

    I purposely omitted writing again by Osborn, chusing to wait for Lethereds Sailing and by him to write, letting you know, I have answered all your foregoing letters of last fall but these. I have imediatly forwarded all your inclosed letters in these two forementioned packets, and you have answers sent to them from Mr. Neale Mr. Harris and my Brother by Osborn’s Ship.

    I thought to have sent Curtains for my Picture by Osborn, but as you inform me now of the Publick uses of your hall, of which I was ignorant before, I forbeare, judging a wainscot box and doors, as you now propose will do better, and what you who are on the spott, do like I aprove of and am satisfied. So also I say of my orders, when they shal arive at the College.

    I perceive by yours of xber 19 you thought you should surrender Fellow and be Overseer, but perhaps Governour Shute’s sudden resolution to come for England has delayed it, and you are still statu quo, however I thank you for your promise of Overseing my benefactions in your next Capacity.

    I have read over Mr. N. Sever and Mr. W. Welsteeds memorial, which are done with a great deale of strength of Reason and argument, and I see not how an answer can be made—but comply—unles, an evasion may be thought on—as—if these two gentlemen are not duely qualified for the Trust, they may be dismist by the bord and others chosen, who are more fitt and qualified to be Fellows.

    If Osborn arive safe I have sent by him bills, in all, £580 NE money which I doubt not will be paid in 1. 3. 5. Months, that the Tresurer may have cash in hand to comply with my Orders fully. Which I since understand from persons, has not been done, as I before made my remarks on Mr. Tresurers account, and intreated him to Consult with you—whom I judged could acquaint him—and I hope he will when he has read my letter rectify the Errors and give me a true account.

    By Osborn I send my Orders in a box and a little box of books to be disposed of as I therein have writ you word, waiting for your Catalogue of your College library, that we may be excused sending of more duplicates.

    I shall now also expect to be sent me what I last yeare desired, a College Obligation for performance of my Trusts, to me and to my Successors, according to the Minutes you sent me, and now say Mr. President is a lawyer and will draw it up in form. If it be not done before this comes to hand, I desire the whole summe may be specified, the present adventure if safe arived, may be also included in the totall. For I am not sufficiently instructed in the usages of your College accounts to draw up a writing as may be agreable to you. But you may draw up one honestly, knowing my mind already which I doubt not will be agreable to me. I received the Professor’s letter and Oration, which I have read and thank him, also the two first discourses to the students as Professor and let Mr. Neale have them to read over, and Mr. Hunt had them and now Mr. Harris. I received Mr. Monis letter and thank him, but I think it wrong to run to the Criticisms of Old Testament Prophets to explain a New Testament practice of a Positive institution. I have not shown it to Mr. Arias at writing hereof, because he is in deep mourning for his Mother, and comes not to our Coffehouse till the days are expired.

    Through Gods goodnes, we injoy Peace and Liberty in the General at London, the feared Plott disapointed or delayed, our South Sea and other Bubbles by degrees coming to rights, the late ejected South Sea directors getting into their private Trades and Merchandize again. The Harburg project and Lottries have been examined by Parlament and found faulty. My Lord Barrington as Governor, has been expelled the house for Mismanaging therein. And I doubt not so will be found of every other Bubble, they shal think proper to Examine into.

    I am glad to heare your War with the Indians makes no greater difficultys among you at Boston but some Expence. I do hope God in his Providence will restraine them and you may live quietly under your present Governour, Dummer.

    Feb. 18. this day Mr. Penhallow and Son46—with Mr. Newman and Mr. Neale—all came by apointment and dined with me, and have had sundry hours conversation about your N. E. and College affaires. I read to them your letter dated xber 19. Mr. Neale recited to us sundry things which he had written to Mr. Colman and Mr. Severs perticularly about the Tutors and fellows of the College, which we all well approved, if your Government would come into to enact, and then if need be, to be sent over hither for Confirmation. But we shal understand better after Governour Shute’s arival, and see how he is treated. None of us have seen your address as yet; I advise to waite the Governours arival and then consider how to proceed.

    I doe supose several of my Students will come to take some degrees at next July Comencement and of Consequence if continued need my Confirmation as I have all along sugested—and ordained—or others recomended to me in their roome and places. And I beg of you deare Sir and Mr. President to pursue the design of my Bounty, and let me have a faithful account of everyone for Confirmation or fresh admittance, that I may not act blindfold, but may judg upon due information.

    You will excuse me if I query, and desire some account of William Sheafe, who I have heard is designed a preacher to the Indians, whether or no he pursues studyes, or is a Dunce.

    • Q. about Seth Sweetzer—whether he be serious and Religious in his Studys or is careles and Rakish.
    • Q. about Mather Byles47—whether he is entred into the College on my foundation last July or when he is to enter. I am not willing any should be reckond on my bounty untill they are examined and actually entred in the College, to study.

    The Princes of Wales was delivered of a Daughter about the 22 February safely. About 25 February I saw Mr. Dummer, and he told me he had received a letter from you, wherein you accuse him of sending high church books to Yale College and no books of the other side, and lay that as the ocasion of the late defection in Connecticut, which he is greived at, and says you are misinformed. He shewed me a list of many Valuable books of the Dissenters, which he said he had sent, and he would write it out and a letter with it, which he would send and order to be printed in your Boston news paper, for his Vindication, and adds he doubts not now to recover the £500 Governour Yale designed for the College, and send it them over.

    I do not yet know that Governour Shute is come from Bristol where he landed from Ireland about 10 days since. I understand Mr. Cutler is pretty well recovered of the Small Pox but he and his associates are not as yet ordained, that I heare. Pray excuse the tediousnes of my letters this Spring. I hope I shall not hereafter have occasion to be so.

    My love unto you and all as inquire after me

    Your Loving Friend

    Tho. Hollis

    [Endorsed:] March 1722 Mr. Hollis No. 17. Received April 22, 1722.

    Hollis Letters and Papers, p. 36.