459 Memoranda about Cleaveland and, Reynolds


    July 2d 1739 Cambridge

    Mr. Palmer Cleaveland proposeth to take 60 acres and clear and fence and bring to mowing English grass or to tillage or Pasture thirty acres of said 60. Otherwise to take the remainder not leased to Mr. Reynolds and bring said 40 acres in manner as aforesaid, said Land to be left wel fenced and in good heart

    Kingstown r arm

    July 2d 1739

    Mem. Oct. 27th 1738 Mr. Reynolds and Mr. Cleaveland say that there are Witnesses enough that Mrs. Cole or her assignee Benjamin [Condal?] has cut about 200 Load of railes and poles cheifly rayles and carryed them to other Land not that leased by us to Mrs. Cole, cut just after the Lease was made to Reynolds and altho Mrs. Cole was obliged to clear as she went yet the rayles are cut all over the land and nothing cleared togather.

    Mem. Mr. Cleaveland offers Oct. 27th 1738 that if the college wil give him £18 to buy 20 Goats he wil clear and fence and bring to mowing English grass on 40 acres instead of 30 of the 60 acres leased to him and it may be to this purpose inserted in his lease.

    Narragansett Farm Papers, p. 10.