462 Agreement with Reynolds and Cleaveland

    [September 1739]

    Agreement mad with Peter Reynolds of N.Kingston in Naraganset concerning his Clearing 130 Acres besides what he is obliged to by the Lease of 12 years from March 1736.

    Agreed with Mr. Peter Reynolds, that according to the Proposalls he has made to us since he hired the Coll[ege] Farm he now lives on at Kingston in Naraganset, we will fall in with that referring to our purchasing Goats for him, and hereby it is sipulated between him and the College that He shall be paid £90 in order to buy an 100 Goats, and that he shall ingage to clear 200 acres of land and bring it to mowing and plowing, by the time of the determination of his present Lease, and that afterward he shall have said Land for 3 years, for which he shall then give an £100 per annum and that all the above alteration shall be fixed between him and the College as speedily as may be, either by an additional instrument to his present Lease, or else by a new Lease which shall include all the Articles in his other Lease, saving what are to be varied according to the above stipulation as the Coll[ege] Committee concerned about the said Lease shall agree and that for the securing the Coll[ege] with respect to the above alteration of his said Reynolds’s Lease, he shall find sufficient bondsmen to the acceptance of the Coll[ege]. The said instrument or Lease to be executed in due form of law. Note. The Bondsmens names, namely two, to be left Blank, in order to be filled up at the discretion of Judge Willet, of said Kingston before the Delivery of our Lease.

    Palmer Cleavelands Proposals

    If we will give him Money to purchase 20 Goats, he will at the end of seven years return as much money as will buy said number and at the Determination of his present Lease will deliver up to the Coll[ege] well cleared 15 acres besides what he is obliged to by the Lease he now hath, and for the performance of the above shall give such bonds as the Coll[ege] shall accept of, or if they please, an £100 with Bondsmen to the acceptance of the Coll[ege].

    [Endorsed:] Copy of Peter Reynolds and Palmer Cleaveland their Agrement with the President and Mr. Flynt when at N. Kingston Sep. 1739.

    Narragansett Farm Papers, p. 10.