343 Francis Foxcroft to John Whitney and Moses Haven

    [December 1 1726]

    Middlesex To Messrs. John Whitney and Deacon Moses Haven both of Framingham in the said County of Middlesex Yeomen

    Pursuant to the last Will and Testament of my father in Law the Honorable Thomas Danforth Esq. heretofore of Cambridge in said county deceased I have (in the Capacity of his Acting Executor) assigned (by legal Deed of Gift in his Name) unto Harvard College in Cambridge aforesaid (by and in the Names of the venerable Benjamin Wadsworth President and the Fellows of the said College for the time being) those three Leases of Land you hold and now possess in said Framingham under the said Thomas Danforth to pay the Yearly Rent of forty shillings per annum (you the said John Whitney one Lease (your self original Lessee) and you the said Moses Haven two (one whereof Benjamin Whitney was the original Lessee and Isaac Bowen of the other).

    Now I accordingly will and order you and each of you for the time coming and your heirs and assigns forever hereafter as the said Rent becomes due to pay the same to the Treasurer of the said College for the use of the said College (and your present Year will be up on the 25th of March next one thousand seven hundred and twenty seven) hereof fail not.

    Dated at Cambridge abovesaid the first day of December 1726 and in the thirteenth year of his Majesty King George’s Reign

    F. Foxcroft Acting Executor to

    Thomas Danforth deceased


    Thaddeus Mason

    Christopher Bridge

    Lands Miscellaneous, 1. 11. Foxcroft takes action to carry out Thomas Danforth’s intent to make a gift to the College.