476 Hayward Lot Lease

    Cambridge May 23, 1743

    Aggreed this Day betwixt the Subscribers viz. the President and Mr. Flynt on the part of the College and Capt. Coolidge and Mr. John Hastings for themselves with respect to a Lot called Haywards Lot in Watertown belonging to the College now in possession of said Coolidge and Hastings, That the said President and Mr. Flynt as Committee for the College shall give to the said Coolidge and Hastings a Lease of said Lot for the Term of one Year from the 25 day of March last past and That the said Coolidge and Hastings shall give for the rent of said Lot for said year the summ of thirty and five shillings Lawful Money, and that as to other particulars of the said Lease, they shall be according to the Terms of the former Lease by which they have hitherto held the said Lot. Agreed also That the Bounds of the said Lot as they run thro’ the Lower Swamp in the said Land, shall be judged of by three men, two of which shall be chosen for themselves by the said Parties, and the third Man is hereby agreed between the said Parties shall be Mr. Kent of Charlston; Agreed also that the said Coolidge and Hastings shall execute and perform an instrument in perpetuam rei memoriam, with respect to the keeping a Drein open in said Lot as mentioned in the Lease which they have had of said Land, as witness our hands.

    Edward Holyoke Henry Flynt Joseph Coolidge John Hastings

    The line between the College and Joseph Cooledge and the heirs of Mr. Hastings begins Northerly at fresh pond and passes on the east side of a marked walnut tree, and then passes on over the hill between two walnut trees at same distance from each other one marked on the east and t’other on the west side and so proceeds from the tree marked on the west side in a strait line across the swamp till it ends at an heap of stones on the [South?] side of the said swamp, That these are the proper Bounds of Haywards lot on the side next the land belonging to Messrs Coolidge and Hastings, is Witnessed


    Edwd. Holyoke President

    Joseph Coolidge

    Lands Papers, Miscellaneous, 11. 61. See No. 424 for lease of this land to Coolidge and Hastings in 1735. The paragraph after the first line of signatures is in a different hand, and the last sentence of this paragraph in still another hand, possibly Holyoke’s. A John Hastings, of Watertown, died “before 1747”.