408 Ammi Ruhamah Cutter to President Wadsworth

    North Yarmouth July 16, 1733

    Honored Sir

    Yours of March 7 came to my Hands in a short time after it was dated and I forthwith complyed with the orders of the Corporation therein contained. But not finding any thing which I judged of present concern to the College I purposed to defer the Account of my Proceedings, till I should wait upon you myself (as I then designed) in May last. But having been unexpectedly prevented hitherto; and having at present no prospect of being at Cambridge within a month or two at least I tho’t it might not be amiss to let you know, that I went to Merricaneag myself with a couple of hands on the 18th of April last. But found affairs so near the Posture in which Messrs Souls had described them, that I tho’t it not necessary to take a particular account of the Persons there or the Business they were about. Only I would inform you, that I was with Col. Harmon, who told me, that all the Persons below the lower carrying place worked under Him; and that He, at present, was under the Pejepscot Company, but had taken no Lease from them. Nor had any security, but their word, for their defending them, in the present action which the College had bro’t against them. And He intimated to me that He was under some suspicion of their Fidelity to Him, and that He was inclinable to take up under the College, provided He could have reasonable Terms, and be secured from all others. He also informed me that there was a Tract about his House, containing 500 Acres to which the College had an undoubted Right. It having been first granted to Mr. Scottow who afterwards gave it up to the College, in consideration of a Tract of land granted Him or his assigns at Sheefscot which [are?] now held by them, in lieu of the said Tract on the Neck. He told me likewise He doubted not, but He could bring all that were now under Him to take under the College. Which affairs, at his desire, I promised to represent to the Gentlemen of the College when I should see them, but in such a manner as not to hurt Him in case they refused (as I desire the present information may not) And if the Gentlemen of the College see fit to offer any Terms, He will receive them from me with [out] any suspicion. And I will endeavour to deliver them in such a manner as not to hurt the College.

    I have also seen John Sawyer of Falmouth and He tells me He did formerly cut some wood upon Merricaneag, which Major Moody hearing of sent Proctor and Collins, who told Him it was the Colleges Land, and forbad him cutting for the future, which He obeyed; but was never prosecuted or paid anything for what He had cut. Which information I tho’t not sufficient to serve the Colleges Cause, and so did not take his Oath upon it. Otherwise I would have done it and sent it to the Court at York. This Honored Sirs, is all that I have been able to do for the College as yet. And the expence of my Trip to the Neck was Forty Shillings being for 2 Men (which went with me) and their Provisions 2 days, which together with the Account of Messrs Soul already transmitted to you, amounts to Five Pounds, which I desire may be paid to my Brother Samuel Cutter of Charlestown, To whom I have given orders to receive it in my behalf. And as for my own Time I rejoyce in having had an opportunity of serving the College and obliging your self. And remain

    Your Obedient Humble Servant

    Ammi Ruhamah Cutter

    [Addressed:] For the Reverend Mr. Benjamin Wadsworth in Cambridge, These.

    Merricaneag Neck Papers. The Merricaneag Neck case dragged on, but the College claim was never ratified.