419 Judah Monis to the Corporation

    [ca. 1734]

    To the Reverend President and the Reverend Gentlemen of the Corporation of Harvard College at Cambridge in New England.

    Reverend Gentlemen

    Considering that my Hebrew Grammar is not Printed as yet, as also the Desire of my superiours to draw a Scheme for to carry on the Hebrew Learning in this House, with success, I think (with submission) it would be proper for the Instruction and Propagation of it, to establish by Law the following one—Viz.—


    That all the Schollars from the Time they enter in the Sophomorship till they take the first Degree, shall be obliged to come to me to be instructed.


    In case Any of them shall not be willing to follow said study, he or they shall be obliged to bring a note to me from under their Parents &c. hands wherein they shall notify their Desire to be dismissed from it, and the reason why; and upon my presenting said notification to the Reverend President he shall do it, or Not, as he see Cause.


    A full Power shall be invested upon me to make all those that are negligent of it, to attend their Duty.


    That no Tutor or Fellow at College whatsoever shall meddle with the instruction of said Tongue […] while I am imployed by your Authority in said service.


    That the Time of their Exercises be from Two till 4th of the Clock in the Afternoon, every day that […] of the Colledge Exercises are performed.


    That every Schollar shall be obliged to keep a Hebrew Bible or at Least a Hebrew Psalter with a Hebrew Lexicon.


    That the first year they shall spend one Day in a week i.e., the Two houres aforesaid, in writing Hebrew and Rabbinicall.


    That all, Gradually shall follow the following exercises viz. 1st coppy the Grammar and read—2d Recite it and read—3d Construe—4th Pierce—5th Translate—6th Compose—7th Read without Vowels—&c.

    Reverend Gentlemen it is my opinion that with inforcing said scheme (and other Laws of this Nature, as the time will show forth necessary to be done) with such strength as all of you with your Wisdom shall see more suitable for it, I hope with God’s favour the laudable studies of this Primitive Tongue will florish in our Academies and be a Praise and a Blessing to the Generations to come, and that it may so be, is the Hearty Desire and Prayer of your humble Servant to Command

    Judah Monis.

    Corporation Papers. Monis was negotiating with the Corporation for the printing of his Hebrew Grammar for some time before it appeared (in 1735). Staining of the paper through mildew obscures some words.