299 Thomas Hollis to Benjamin Colman

    [London May 8 1724]

    Mr. Colman

    Deare Sir

    My last letter unto you was dated April 21, by my neihbour Capt. Meade, who sailes in the Dove, Capt. Winter, with orders to build a ship at Boston. I delivered him 5 books for our Library, presented by my Nepheu Thomas Hollis; said Captain promised to deliver them with out charges. I did then acquaint you with receipt of your letter dated 20 February and Mr. W[igglesworth]s book, which I have read and return him my thanks for. My freind Mr. Hunt has read it and is pleased and says he thinks Dr. Cutlers conformity has done your Country good alreddy, to bring forth such a good answer. On our 23d April I received yours dated 30 January with one inclosed to your Brother which letter I gave him presently and viewed his new works for stilling Rum. And he now hopes to begin quickly to work, he is now in a good state of health, and his courage continues.

    Mr. Agent Cook is to have a hearing April 9 in the Evening with Governor Shute before the Attorney General, at his Chambers; we suppose will take up two several Hearings. Mr. Bendish attends with the Governor. I have urged some Counsellor be called for him, but the Governor says it is the Kings right he pleads for and the Attorny General must be his Counsellor, and I beleive he is fully apprised of the affaire. Mr. Bendish tells me that Dr. Cook has retained two able counsell. He beleived he gave each 25 giunees, but some freinds think possibly they may return their fees and not plead against the King. Your freind Mr. Newman told me he was invited and designed to attend the hearing, and my Cousin Neale told me he thought to be there also. Mr. Newman desired to read over Mr. W[igglesworth]s book, and is then to give it to Mr. Neale to read. Mr. Goff whom you mentioned is returned to Boston. I have disposed of 38 of your library Catalogues my self and are placed as well as I could.

    I thought to have sent you a Catalogue of Sion College library in London but 42s the price subscribed at, I thought too deare. Mr. Neale has read your letter I lately received. Mr. Hirst90 was at my house while I was waiting on the Poore at St. Thomas Hospital April 23 and left me your book and your letter dated Feb. 6 for which I thank you. My Wife urged him to stay dinner or come again in an houre, when I came home to dinner, but he did not come nor have I yet seen him, to talk as you desired me. His Father appears a serious Religious Man, that worked hard for Heaven. It had been happy, he had been led a little more clearly into the Doctrine of free Justification through Faith alone. He might possibly have had a more comfortable Frame though I doubt not he had a safe state, and in many instances greatly to be commended. I shall be glad to be in such a resigned frame, when my change comes. I am sorry to see any grounds for a fresh complaint upon my freind Callenders conduct, and shall take your Caution and communicate it to Mr. Wallin, who corresponds with him by letter in a freindly manner.

    The address from some of your Marchants you mention Feb. 6 to be then coming by that Ship, I have inquired after, and am told some people of Boston, in a threatning manner prevented the Captains bringing it, which is highly resented by some people here, as the Governour &c. I wish heartily success to Mr. Abbot91 in the work he is ordained unto—and send him Christian Salutations. I am waiting to heare how all your kind intentions and Votes for Mr. W[iggleswort]hs92 comfortable going on his Work are confirmed by your Deputy Governour and Overseers. I shall be glad to heare the Scoulding mutinous quarrells in your country places about the method of singing the Praises of our Lord are quieted, and Christians beare one with another in a Spirit of meeknes and Love in lesser matters wherein they may differ.

    My Deare Freind and Companion Mr. I. Watts sends now a little parsel of books for our College library, I think all that are published and bound of his printing. Pray be so good as to receive and forward them to the College and accept them as kindly, as they were reddily given upon my asking. There are 3 sticht essays newly printed in a separate packet for Dr. Mather, Mr. Colman, and Mr. Prince, sealed and directed. Pray be so kind as to hand them forward. I have read it with pleasure. Our good Freind my Neibor Harris has newly published a volum of Sermons have not yet read. He promised me reddily on asking he would present the library with what books he has publisht, that are bound. If he gives them to me to forward I shall willingly accept the Service; and he bidds me to hope, I shall succeed with Mr. Evans, for his works also.93

    But these are small presents, to what I am laboring for, if I may be so happy to succeed in what I am projecting. Mr. Newman seems to have the same at heart, and has some hopes of success, he tells me.

    My Cousin Williams tells me he hopes to get Mr. Allen Marchant now going for Boston to take care of these 2 packets and to deliver them to Mr. Huchinson. I shall be glad to heare of the receipt of the last and these also. My Love unto you and such as inquire of you concerning me.

    Mr. Robinson,94 Minister, and one of the 6 lecturers at Salters hall is newly dead.


    Your Loving Freind

    Thomas Hollis

    [Endorsed:] No. 30.

    Hollis Letters and Papers, p. 51.