481 Henry Flynt to Francis Willett

    [ca. November 1744]

    Dear Sir

    I received your Letter informing of Mr. Reynolds desire to dispose of his Lease to John Dawley himself remaining bound to the Corporation as he is. I should have sooner answered your Letter but have been delayed partly by bodily indisposition and after that was out of Town a considerable time. The Gentlemen concerned have lately met and concluded that they cannot deter mine any thing about Mr. Reynolds desire without seeing the Farm which they cant pretend to til next July. Pray give my duty to my Aunt and Love to my Cosen. I should be glad to come and see you next Summer if I thought I could wel bear the Journey. However I hope somebody wil come. Please to give my Service to Mrs Updike. I am

    Your Loving Kindsman H. F.

    Narragansett Farm Papers, p. 13. This is a copy, written on the back of a note addressed to President Holyoke by Rowland Cotton (A.B. 1719). Cotton, writing from Woburn on November 9, 1744, states: “The Bearer hereof is an honest Labour Man. The Bondsmen vizt. John Lock and Increase Winn are Men of Estate and Character.” Rowland Cotton was then Clerk of the House of Representatives.