362 Concerning Conveyance of Land on Saco River

    Mr. Russell to H[arvard] College [1729]

    Hombinowitt alias Rogomock Indian 20 August 1660 conveys to William Phillips all his lands lying on W. side of Saco River from Salmon falls to Capt. Landrys rocks and so upward in the country to his furthest extent.

    William Phillips to Richard Russell, deed dated 13 August 1673 recorded 5 September 1673.

    William Phillips, 18 March 1667 conveys to Robert Patteshal a tract of land above Saco lower falls, to contain in breadth 2 miles up the river, to begin at the outer bounds of the lands of Governor Leveret and to contain in measure 4000 acres, and from there to run W. in upon the main land—to make up that quantity—or to take this quantity at Salmon falls, beginning at Salmon falls and to run downwards to the land of the said Richard Russell the same length and breadth as aforesaid and either of said places to the liberty and choice of said Patteshal &c.

    ☞ Russells deed recorded before Patteshals.

    Mabell Hubbard of Hartford Widow residing in Boston 15 October 1717 conveys to her 2 children John and Daniel Hubbard a moyety of parsel of Land on or near Saco River which was given by last Will and Testament of her honored Grandfather R. Russell of Charlestown Esq. to her father Daniel Russell or otherwise of right belonging to said D. Russell her father at the Time of his decease—recorded in 1727.

    William Phillips grants




    1. To Edward Tyng. 1500 Acres on the River which he purchased of Maj. Phillips


    2. Richard Russell 2000




    3. Maj. Leverett 3 miles




    4. Russell … 2500




    These lands were surveyed, 1729.

    The land back of all these is Mr. Bromfield &c.

    Mr. Richard Russell gives to his Son Daniel 2000 acres. Mr. Daniel Russell of Hartford gives 1000 part of the 2500 to H[arvard] College, 1000 more to Mr. Samuel Woodbrige’s Wife (Mabel). They sold their 1000 to Dr. Cook 1728—who owns the 500 [cant?] tell.

    Lands Papers, Miscellaneous, 1. 11. These notes relate to Saco River lands; the preceding document provides for a survey of these lands; see the descriptive note for further information.