254 Memorial of the Overseers About Enlargement of the Corporation

    At a Great and General Court held at Boston June 13th 1722.

    The Memorial of the Overseers of Harvard College


    That whereas by the Present Constitution of the said College, the Corporation is to consist of Seven persons, vizt a President, five Fellows, and a Treasurer that number being formerly judged sufficient, Considering the small number of students and the Circumstances of the Affairs of the College; But forasmuch as by the Good hand of God upon that Society, the Number of the Students is Greatly encreased and the Affairs and Business of the College also much enlarged; It is apprehended to be much for the service of the College that the Corporation shou’d be enlarged, which can’t be without the aid of the General Assembly; and therefore humbly proposing this Matter to the Courts Serious and Favourable Consideration and that if in their Wisdom They shall think it Beneficial, They will please by an Order of this Great and General Court or Assembly to make a Convenient Addition to the Corporation and therein to have Regard to the Resident Fellows or Tutors that they may be of that Number. In Council. Read and Ordered that Benjamin Lynde, Addington Davenport, Thomas Hutchinson, Edmund Quincy, Paul Dudley Esq. be a Committee to join with such as the Honourable House of Representatives shall appoint to consider of this Memorial and Report what is proper for this Court to do thereon.

    A True Copy Examin’d. J. Willard Secretary.

    College Papers, 1. 65 (No. 140). By this action the Overseers accepted, at least in part, the proposals of Sever and Welsteed that the Resident Fellows be members of the Corporation; see Quincy, History, i. 301.