421 Committee of the Corporation to Moses Bordman

    Camb[ridge] 5th Feb. 1734/5


    Whereas the Corporation of Harvard College have appointed the subscribers a Committe to take care that their Grant of this Province of Two hundred and fifty acres of Land within the Township of Townshend be laid out; and being informed that the Committe appointed for that service are to meet at Townshend on Monday the Tenth of February instant.

    These are therefore to desire if you would wait on said Comitte on Monday next and intreat that they would compleat the laying out of said Grant, and that therein they would be pleased to take care that the Colledge may have justice done them in making their Grant equal with the other Proprietors in said Town, And (if it might be) that the Remainder of said Grant yet to be laid out, may be adjoyning to the hundred acres which is already laid out in part of said Grant.

    B. Wadsworth

    H. Flynt

    A. Bordman

    To Capt. Moses Bordman Whom we hereby appoint to Represent us and Act in behalf of the College with the Comitte appointed to lay out the College Grant at Townshend. Copia 6th Feb. 1734/5. Ditto to Capt. Bordman’s son285 with £6 for his father to defray charges.

    Lands Papers, Miscellaneous, 1. 43.