263 Corporation’s Memorial to the General Court

    [December 10 1722]

    To his Excellency Samuel Shute Esq. Capt Generall and Governour in Cheif in and over his Majestys Province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New England, the Honourable his Majestys Council and Representatives in Generall Court Assembled,

    The Memorial of the President and Fellows of Harvard College in Cambridge within the Province aforesaid

    Humbly Sheweth,

    That the Honourable the House of Representatives having in their Journal of November 22 past with a great deal of concern intimated that it is of the Last Consequence to that Society that the Members of that Corporation take all possible caution that they keep strictly within the Rules prescribed by their Constitution in all their Acts, that so their Ancient and Well-establish Priviledges may not in the Least wise be endangered.

    The said Members of that Corporation humbly say, That they are not Sensible that they have passed any Acts at any of their Meetings or that there have bin any proceedings of the Corporation in the way and manner they now are, but what are Justifiable and Maintainable and Warranted by their Charter.

    And the said Members further say, That they are very Sensible, That it is of the Last Consequence to that Society, and they believe it to be so to the whole Countrey, and all these Churches, That the Constitution of the College be intirely preserved, as well as the Rules prescribed by the Charter strictly pursued; and that their Anncient and Well-Established Priviledges may not be in the Least wise Endanger’d the said Members of the Corporation think it their bounden Duty to move to this Honourable Court that they may be admitted to an hearing upon the Premises, the said Corporation not having as yet been heard thereupon.

    Wherefore the said Members of the Corporation pray they may be heard, and such a day given them to wait upon the General Assembly as in their Wisdom and Justice they shall see meet: And your Memorialists as in Duty bound shal ever pray &c.

    Your Excellencys and Honours Most humble and most Obedient Servants.

    College Papers, 1. 64 (No. 137). On November 22, 1722 the House of Representatives passed a resolution intimating that the Corporation had not kept strictly within the Charter. The Corporation presented this Memorial in reply; it is printed in Quincy, History, i. 544–545 (App. LV), where the date, December 10, 1722 appears. The House dismissed the Corporation’s request; see Quincy, 1. 306–307.