315 List of Books Sent by Thomas Hollis

    [ca. February 1724/25]

    • By Captain Osborn, Feb. 22, 1724
    • Invoyce of one Box of Books, T. H. N.5135
    • Bishop Hopkins works 1. fo.
    • Mr. Barrows works 2. fo.
    • Dr. Bates works 1. fo.
    • Mr. Gurnal’s Xtian armor. 1. fo.
    • Mr. Flavels Works 2. fo.
    • Mr. Doolittle, body of Divinity 1. fo.
    • Bishop Wilkins, Gift of Prayer, 1.80.
    • Assemblys Confession of Faith 1
    • Bishop Bangors (now Sarum) Common Rights
    • Bishop Burnets Pastoral care
    • Mr. Burnets Essay on Government
    • Dr. Strothers Essay on sicknes and health.
    • Crittical History of England

    These above being 8 books in folio and 7 in 80. are the Gift of Mr. William Wooly of Clapton in Hackney.

    • Mr. Henrys, Annotations on the Bible 6 Vol. in folio.
    • Mr. Mantons, Sermons on the 119 Psalm fo.
    • Mr. Harris’s Sermons 80.
    • Mr. Evans, Sermons 2 Vol. in 80.
    • Mr. Watts Sermons 2 Vol. 80.
    • Mr. Browns Sermons 80.
    • Mr. Gravenor, Essay on health
    • Mr. Disney, portion of Gods People
    • Mr. Gouges discourses
    • Mr. Gravenor Sermons on the name of Jesus
    • Mr. Samuel Wright Sermons on the Sabbath
    • Mr. Reinolds Letters against the Deists, 80.
    • Bishop Hall, contemplation on the Birth, Life and Death of Jesus Christ in 40.

    These above books being 7 folios and 13 in 80. are the Gift of Mr. Edward Leeds in London feild in Hackney



    Volums. Greek and Roman Antiquities

    Gift of [blank]

    By Mr. Loyd136

    Shipt on bord Capt. Lethered

    by Capt. Osborn Feb. 22, 1724

    one Box of Books, TH, 6 qt.

    A. Bishop Tillotsons works 3 Vol. folio.

    Richard Baxters works 4 Vol. folio.

    these 7 folios are the gift of Mr. James Ruck, London. I think the folio books and such like are fitt for your Library and what you have of these and other mens works in smaller seperate peices, the President and Professor may give away to any of my Students, as are going out into the Ministry, or if my Professor want any of them, where there is Duplicates for his Privat study, and desire them, he is ordred by me and licensed by the Donors, to take them for himself. And this is a general Rule for what Duplicates I have sent or now send or may hereafter send. Tho. Hollis. Burkets. Annotations on the new Testament, folio, the Gift of Mr. John Hollister, London.

    Guise of Harford his own Works, 3 Vol. 80.

    and two books more to deliver as directed.137

    ⅌ Survey of the Tide, by E. Barlow, Genteman

    Cromwells life, 1724

    — Mizeweis, the Persian Cromwell

    Dr. Incr. Mathers life, by Samuel Mather

    — Russian Catechism

    — Servetus Michael, History of his life and Death

    Master Tho. true way to know the Scriptures, for Mr. Callender

    J. Ray, Collection of Proverbs

    Collier, Dictionary, 3 Vol. folio.

    — Wollaston, Religion of Nature delineated 4to. He is newly

    Avery, &c. Occasional paper 3 Vol. 80.

    Vertot’s History of Roman Republick, English, 2 Vol. 80.

    These 16 Books from Thomas Hollis

    T.H. No 6 Feb. 22, 1724

    Hows’ Works, 2 Vol. in fo.

    Gift of Mr. Benjamin Mee, Marchat.


    Bishop of Bath and Wells, Commentary on 5 books of Moses

    2 Vol. 80.

    Dr. Clark, Scripture Doctrine of the Trinity


    H. Witsius, De oeconomia foederum Dei cum hominibus


    J. Cocreins, Summa Theologia ex Scripturis Repetita


    J. Davenant, Dissertationes duae de morte Christi


    Ob. Sedgwick, Of the Everlasting Covenant


    Simeo. de Muis, Comentarius in omnes Psalmos


    Dr. T. Manton, fifth Vol. of Sermons


    These 9 books are the gift of Dr. Avery a learned man, of Mr. J. Hunt’s acquaintance, if you think to write to him, let it be in Lattin.

    D. Dicson, Therapeutica Sacra


    Bernd. Vareni, Geographica generalis


    John Potter, Greek antiquities, 2 Vol.


    these 4 books given by the Reverend Daniel Neale

    [Endorsed:] No. 8.

    Hollis-Leverett mss, Houghton Library.