357 President Wadsworth to Treasurer Hutchinson

    Cambridge, Feb. 2 1727/8

    Honoured Sir

    You will find by the Inclosed, that the Corporation would have you forthwith pay an Hundred Pounds to Mr. Boyleston, as their vote directs, and that you are desired to present Fessendon239 to the Honourable and Reverend Trustees of Hopkinton, that he may be allowed of as a School-Boy in Cambridge School on Mr. Hopkins’s foundation.

    Your Humble Servant

    Benja. Wadsworth

    [Addressed:] For the Honourable Coll. Edward Hutchinson Esq. in Boston.

    Corporation Papers. The enclosure was a copy of the Corporation vote of February 2, 1727/8; it is printed in CSM Publications, xvi. 558–559. Edward Boylston, merchant, was asked to purchase books in London with the £100 of the Thomas Cotton gift.