327 Thomas Hollis to Benjamin Colman

    London August 21, 1725

    Mr. Benj. Colman

    Sir I have written unto you the 12th by this conveyance, since which I have received your packet, and find a letter dated July 8 and two papers of your Comencment disputations, a letter from Mr. Jona[than] Belcher160 to me, one to Mr. Neale, a packet to your Governor, which I take care to deliver as desired. Pray give my service to him. By the manner of his writing, he treats Governor Shute in a very diffring stile from what your Agent Cook does. Mr. Ashurst our Governor is very much indisposed by the Stone in his kidney—he is gone into Essex—and ordred £300 Star, to be remitted to the Tresurer Winthrop for propogating the Gospel, which is to be sent I hope with this Ship, on bills of Credit at 200 pc. advance. I am pleased to heare by your letter, and by Capt. Diamond, who sayes he was present at the installation, that the new President performed so well as to give general satisfaction, and he adds to me that he did all memoriter. This Captain arived the 20th. I am sorry to find by yours that there is any variance between Dr. Mather and you. I beleive you are both good men and Christians, equally indevoring to promote the Redemers Kingdom. I beseech you strive to put away all wrath and strife, and be ready to forgive as Christ forgives you. If you imediately resign your fellowship in the Corporation on Mr. Wadsworths election the World will soon say it is done in disgust, because you were not advanct to the Presidentship, in your own way. I am aprised you have met with enuf to provoke a man to resent, but I wish the Christian may act so as to Convince the common spectators that you are clothed with humility and are still ready to shew all the good offices to the Corporation you can. Perhaps the President, Professor, and Tresurer too, may need your good offices within dores for a season, more then you can do when resigned.161 I leave it, our good God direct you. Your loving Freind

    Thomas Hollis

    [Endorsed:] No. 43.

    Hollis Letters and Papers, p. 65.