415 Committee of the Corporation to Bordman and Jones

    Cambridge Apr. 23, 1734

    Captain Moses Bordman and Mr. Samuell Jones


    Whereas the great and General Court in the year 1719284 were pleased at their granting the Township of Townsend to grant a two hundred and fifty acre lot to Harvard College and empowered and directed the Committee appointed to lay out the allotments in said Town to lay out the Grant to said College Notwithstanding which said Grant is not as yet nor any part thereof lay’d out. And whereas the Corporation of said Harvard College have directed and impowered us the subscribers to take speedy Care that their interest in said Town may be lay’d out and secured. These are therefore to desire and impower you the said Captain Moses Bordman and Mr. Samuel Jones withal convenient speed to goe up to Townsend aforesaid and take proper and effectual Care that said Grant made to the College be speedily layd out in upland and a proportion of meadow as other proprietors in said town have allotted to them which is the meaning and intent of the Grantors and in transacting in this affair you are hereby desired and impowered to act and doe what in the best discretion you shal judg most for the interest of the College and that such part of said Grant as you may see Lay’d out we desire may be recorded to the College and that wee may have a plann and an attested Copy thereof with all convenient speed.

    Benjamin Wadsworth

    Henry Flynt

    Andrew Bordman

    To Captain Moses Bordman of Cambridge and Mr. Samuel Jones of Concord.

    Lands Papers, Miscellaneous, 1. 41. File copy, probably by Flynt.