358 Treasurer Hutchinson to President Wadsworth

    Boston May 6th 1728



    I thought to have waited upon you together with the Corporation this day but the rain prevented me. I sent your Letter to the Reverend Mr. Colman who acquainted me by writeing that had he been able, the service of our Church tomorrow (being a fast with us) would forbid him. On Thirsday last was a Meeting of the Trustees of Hopkinton at which time I layed before them your Certificate of the Batchelors and Masters performing the Exercises enjoined them, upon which they or dered the payment of £18:15– to each of them deducting the 2/ in the Pound excepting Sir Cutter240 who kept School four months of the time. They ordered him £12:10– deducting also the 2/ in the pound, and if you please to let them know when ever they come they may receive their money. They desire you will please for the future to mention in the Certificate what the Exercises be which are injoyned them and how often they are performed. At the same Meeting they chose Nathaniel Byfield Esq. and yourself to be of the number of Trustees in the room of Colonel Townsend and the Reverend Dr. Mather241 and directed me to acquaint Colonel Byfield and you of it. I am

    Sir Your Humble Servant

    Edward Hutchinson

    [Addressed:] To the Reverend Mr. Benjamin Wadsworth, President of Harvard College, Cambridge.

    College Papers, 1. 75 (No. 156).