413 Committee of the Corporation to Samuel Jones

    Nov. 26, 1733

    Mr. Samuel Jones

    Wee whose Names are underwritten being a Committee appointed by the Corporation of Harvard College to take care of and secure their interest of Lands in Townsend doe desire you to goe to Townsend and enquire whether the Grant of Lands there made to the College is satisfyed and if the said Land be layed out then bring us a Copy of the Town Record and a plan of the Land, and If it be not then we desire you to get Liberty to lay it out in some convenient place and a proper proportion of meadow land with it and let it be recorded and a plan taken and returned to us with a Copy of the record

    Benja. Wadsworth

    Henry Flynt

    A true Copy.

    Andrew Bordman

    It is left to Mr. Jones’s discretion whether to pitch for 250 acres or for 50 in case we can’t have Rogers Lot.282

    Lands Papers, Miscellaneous, 1. 41. The vote, directing the Committee to discourse with “Mr. Jones of Concord, a Surveyor,” is in CSM Publications, xvi. 620–621. Bordman was Steward from 1703 to 1747.