386 Report of Benjamin Smith on Rowley Lands

    Cambridge, Dec. 22, 1731

    Mr. Benjamin Smith of Rowley, Carpenter, who has Improved part of the College Land at Rowley (given by the Reverend Mr. Rogers) for sixteen years; gave me the following account of the said College Lands in Rowley viz.

    • Mr. Rogers’s Homestead about 4½ or ¾ Acres.
    • Cross the highway from the Homestead, Pasture Land about 12 Acres.
    • Plow-ground near Capt. Northen, about 5 Acres.
    • Within the Common Feild called wharehouse Pasture, about 9 or 10 Acres.
    • Saltmarsh and upland within the Common field, beyond that which is called Sandy Bridge, about 12 Acres.
    • Saltmarsh called the Highway Marsh, about three Quarters of an Acre.
    • Fresh Meadow in Satchel’s meadow about 3 Acres.
    • Hounseley Hill about 30 or 40 Acres, chiefly highland, good for pasturing, no water in it.
    • Four Common Rights of Woodland laid out allready in so many distinct Lotts, and with another about 5 Acres in a Lott.

    Benja. Wadsworth, President.

    Rowley Lands Papers.