265 Thomas Hollis to Edward Wigglesworth

    London January 5, 1722/23

    Mr. Professor Wigglesworth

    Reverend Sir

    I received your letter dated 25 October with an account of your solemne Induction into the Charge of Divinity Professor in Harvard College, the perticulars whereof were sent me by the Reverend Mr. B. Colman. I am pleased to heare the manner of the performance, and do hope that God wil gratiously heare the prayers offered up to him on your behalf at that time, and attend your future labours with desired Succes. If it were not too much trouble for you to transcribe your Oration, I should be pleased to see a coppy thereof, and shew it my Neibors the Ministers, who assisted me in drawing up the Rules and Orders I sent over relating there unto.

    I thank you Sir for your promise to have due regard to such Children as are or may be in the College of Baptist Parents equally with others, and I have no doubt but you wil do it. The Defection of so many of your Ministers in Connecticut to the Church of England wil doubtles put you and many others on reviewing the principles that occasioned your Fathers to seperate themselvs to the Lord, first from the World, and afterwards to reform from the Discipline and Ceremonies of that Church to the more Spiritual Worship of primitive Institution and Practice. And oh! that our good God in his wise Providence may over rule this melancholly story for good that New England may stil be famous for Primitive purity in Doctrine and Discipline to late Ages.

    My Soul desires you may be inabled to exert the grace of God bestowed on you, for his glory, in a diligent attendance to your Charge, and in a constant religios dependance on the Aids of his holy Spirit.

    Your Loving Friend

    Thomas Hollis

    I send over a few books now to your College, which if you have not formerly read, may now be worth your perusal, cheifly D. Clarkson and Sir P. King.30

    P.S. January 12

    I have now received a packet by Mr. Lewis in which I am favored with a letter from Mr. President and letters from 7 of my Students; your PS is dated Nov. 10 for all which I thank you Sir and also the Students. I received one from Callendar, under his unkles covert and one from Mrs. Condy, but not one from Mather, who was the first on my foundation.31 I now give orders to Mr. Treasurer to make a smal present to each one of them for their incoragement, and expect some performance from every one about the time of your next commencement, the theme or manner at their owne choice. I think I have in the foregoing part answered what is material in your letter, save onely to let you know my Wife and self receive kindly the compliment your self and Lady return to us. Feb. 4. This day I received your packet by Capt. Clark dated 20 xber and a coppy of your College charter. I did last yeare obtain a Coppy from Mr. Newman, and gave Mr. Neale a Coppy thereof. I shal let him see this to compare it—also your letter. I am sorry to heare of your Governors leaving you so abruptly. I was at his sisters house visiting when a letter came from him. Whether he will Return (I doubt) or another Governour be appointed, I apprehend there will be a new charter, and pray Remember, I say, you will need a better Agent, to solicit here, for your College Interest, then Mr. Dummer.

    I am told that Mr. Cutler32 is now in a fair way of recovery from the Small Pox—it has been here fatal to many—I suppose about one hundred a week have died in our Citty and subburbs for about 3 Months.

    I am of opinion if the Reverend Mr. Daniel Neale were writ unto by your Corporation and well instructed in your affaires, with what you desire, he might be of service to your College in this juncture, for we have no one Minister at London like minded, who naturally cares for your affaires, and interests himself for your Well being.

    Yours as before T.H.

    [Addressed:] For the Reverend Mr. Edward Wigglesworth chosen Professor of Divinity at Harvard College Boston by Capt. Osborne.

    Hollis-Leverett mss, Houghton Library. The 2 pages of postscript are bound with a letter of a following year.