333 Thomas Hollis to Benjamin Colman

    [ca. April 1726]

    […] in your letter of January 22 by Capt. Bonner was one inclosed for Mr. Newman. I sent it to his chamber in the Temple by my Servant who could not find him, but he slid it into the room under the door with his knife, where he will find it when he goes thither, for he dont lodg there, nor does he let any of his neighbors know where he does lodg.

    I go on you see by my former letters indevoring in my life time to finish what I meditated for your College by my Will, though I am smiled upon with a sneering jeere by many for it. I leave the issue to the Lord, for whose sake I perform these offerings and services, and hope I shall be enabled to continue firm and finish this affaire which I call a good work and have at heart. I hope your Treasurer will find good payment of the bills I remitted him, and I pray you and him, to calculate how much more I must remit to be placed at intrest, to discharge this new Trust I am laying upon you (if you accept the Burden). I shall expect a College obligation, for performance of my orders, like what you gave me for what you have accepted. I suppose what I remitted for the first Trust is sufficient and some what over does it, to make allowance for little miscariges, and so I would now, and when done joyne both trusts Professors and Students in one account; for ease of the Treasurer, and my self &c. in examining accounts. I design to send you herewith for the perusal of the Corporation the several plans, sundry freinds have drawn me up for my consideration of the work of a Professor of the Mathematicks and Natural and Experimental Philosophy in the College, from all which I have drawn up a paper written with my own hand with Rules and Orders for the said Professor signed and sealed by me, which if you approve of you will govern your selves by it; but if you see fitt to make any alterations, then pray transcribe the whole anew on parchment in a faire character and send it over to me, for my signing, Governing your selves by this I now send, till such time as I return your owne draft unto you again, if the Lord spare my life. Pray cause examination to be made, what instruments you have at College either for astronomy or experimental Philosophy in order to the Supplying what is wanting by Mr. Greenwood, while he is in London, and perhaps may be sent unto you in the Ship he shall sayle in, and let him be Stiled the Hollitian Professor of the Mathematicks and of Natural and Experimental Philosophy. You have first

    • Mr. I. Watts plan
    • Mr. D. Neale plan more largely
    • Mr. J. Hunt next
    • Mr. Professor Emms next

    lastly Mr. I. Greenwoods own draft. He transcribed for me coppys of the several plans, which I keep by me, and send you the Originalls, which perhaps you will be carefull of till such time as this affaire is digested by your Corporation and comes to be setled.

    I have not yet received my last years account.

    My love unto you and all our good freinds.


    Your humble Servant

    Thomas Hollis

    [Addressed:] For the Reverend Mr. Benjamin Colman, Minister in Boston.

    [Endorsed:] No. 45.

    Hollis Letters and Papers, p. 67. The first page (or pages) is missing. This was written in April; see first sentence of No. 334. Its notation as letter No. 45 may have been added later, since it does not put it in strict sequence.