393 President Wadsworth to Treasurer Hutchinson

    Cambridge June 13, 1732

    Honored Sir

    I send inclosed an Account of the Performances of those Bachelours on Esq. Hopkins’s Foundation. Sir Seacombe271 that was chosen and accepted left the College and performed none of the Exercises assigned; all the rest have resided at College, and performed the Exercises as their several declarations intimate. I intreat you to lay these things before the Honorable and Reverend Trustees of Hopkinton, that they may act as they think proper thereon.

    Your Humble Servant

    Benja. Wadsworth President of Harvard College.

    [Addressed:] For the Honorable Edward Hutchinson Esq. in Boston.

    [Endorsed:] Mr. Presidents Letter June 13, 1732 with the account of the Performances and choice of the Scholars &c.

    College Papers, 1. 79 (No. 164).