486 Isaac Hollis to Benjamin Colman

    [High Wycomb, January 27 1746/47]

    Reverend and Dear Sir

    I received your kind Letter Giving me some account of Gifts for the Work among the Indians, In the same Letter hinting that it must lye by because of the Warr. But my Dear Friend it may then lye by a long while indeed. Do you see any the least prospect in the World, of the Warr being soon ended? Again would it not be more agreeable to You to see so excellent and noble a Work for the Redeemers Glory carryed on dureing the Continuance of your naturale Life, before you go to the Mansions of Rest which probably may be before the Warr is ended. May it please the Lord long to continue your valuable Life. I am not willing to have my mony £300 of your Currency lying by without being made use of till the Warr is ended, and I do here with appoint that there be as soon as possible Twelve more heathen Boys taken on for my account to be entirely provided for with Lodgeing and maintenance and to be instructed in the Christian Doctrine. And after I hear of this order being complyed with, I design to make a large remittance for further carrying on the Work. I am sorry that the Religious impressions in N. England seem to be so much abated. May the Lord revive his Work with Power on the souls of the People. According to advices from the South of France there seems to have been a very considerable work among the Protestants there, and there may now be a fullfilling of Prophecy Respecting judgements on the People of that Country by means of a Dreadfull Invasion by the Armys of the Queen of Hungary and of the King of Sardinia. May it please the Lord to succour his persecuted People in those parts if it be his Will? When you write please to inform me of the State of Religion in N. England and in Pensilvania as far as you can. May the Lord abundantly succeed your endeavours for the promoting the Kingdom of Christ in the World, and may He grant you much of the Consolations of his holy Spirit. Let me have a share in your Prayers that I may be guided and strengthened from above. I Rest with much esteem and Respect wishing you the Best of Blessings.

    Reverend and Dear Sir

    Your obliged and Loveing Friend

    Isaac Hollis

    PS. When you write please to direct as usuall for me to be left with Messrs Eleazar Edwards & Co.

    Merchants in Bucklersbury

    in London

    [Endorsed:] from Mr. Isaac Hollis dated Jan. 27, received May 19, 47. answered 21 and again August 3d.

    Hollis Letters and Papers, p. 81. Isaac Hollis was a nephew of Thomas, Sr.