464 Peter Reynolds’ Indenture

    This Indenture made the Eighteenth Day of October in the thirteenth year of our Soveraign Lord George the Second of Great Britain &c. King &c. Annoque Domini 1739 between Edward Holyoke of Cambridge … President of Harvard College … and Peter Reynolds of North-Kingston … the said Edward Holyoke … hath demised, leased … to Him the said Peter Reynolds … a Tract or Parcel of Land belonging to Harvard College aforesaid and scituate in North-Kingston aforesaid, It being part of Five hundred Acres of Land devised to said Harvard College by the late Honorable Judge Sewall … Anno 1696. Said part of said Farm or Tract of Land contained in this Lease, being bounded at this Day, as Followeth Viz. Southerly and Southeasterly with an high Way, Northerly with Mrs. Cole and John Whitman and Nicholas Gardner or their Heirs or Devisees, and Westerly with the other Part of said Farm, up to a Brook or Run of Water commonly called Horse-yard Run … From the Twentififth Day of March … One Thousand seven hundred and fifty, during the Term of three Years; … And the said Peter Reynolds … to pay … as Rent for the said demised Premises one hundred pounds … yearly … He will clear and subdue (besides the Seventy Acres, which He is obliged to by a former Lease of the Premises) One hundred and thirty Acres of said demised Premises, so that at the expiration of this Lease, it shall be fit for Mowing or tillage, and that He will inclose the said hundred and thirty Acres with good four Rail or Virginia Fence, and leave it so inclosed at the End of this Lease. And also that He will prune, muck and manure and open the ground about the Trees of the Orchard that shall at the Commencement of this Lease be upon the Premises, so as to keep them thrifty, and keep said Orchard constantly inclosed, so as to prevent Damage by horned cattle, such as sheep, Goats, Kine &c…. He shall have liberty of cutting Timber and Wood off from the said hundred and thirty Acres, untill the same be cleared, for Fuel and Fencing, to be improved on the aforesaid demised Premises as He may have necessary Occasion therefor, and for no other use whatsoever; And that he shall have leave to cut Brush for hedgefence, on any part of said demised land, for making inclosures thereupon as he may see Meet. Moreover it is hereby agreed and covenanted to and with the said Reynolds by the Lessor aforesaid that when ever during the said Lease the wood shall be so cleared off of the said hundred and thirty Acres, as that He the said Lessee shall want Fuel for his fire, He shall then and not before be permitted to cut for said Use elswhere upon said demised Premisses; And agreeably the said Reynolds doth also covenant for himself his Heirs Executors and Administrators That He will not make any strip or wast, of the Wood or under Wood that is upon the said demised Premises; And that he shall spend all the Hay or Stover, that shall be produced upon said demised Premises, on the Same; And shall neither carry off any Dung or Muck from said Premises, but shall improve the same thereon, for the enriching and manuring the Land; And such part of said Land as He shall improve for Tillage, He shall when He ceases such Tillage, lay down even, level and fit for Grass … the said Reynolds … shall pay all Taxes … the said Peter Reynolds shall neither assign over this Lease, nor admit any Tenant, on to the said demised Premises, without the Approbation of the said Edward Holyoke …

    In Witness whereof the Parties aforesaid have to these Presents interchangeably set their hands and seals, the Day and year first abovewritten.

    Signed Sealed and Delivered

    in Presence of

    Ruth Thomas

    Peter Reynolds

    Hannah Gould

    F. Willett

    Kings County Ss North Kingstown October 14th, 1740 The above subscriber Peter Rennolds appeared and acknowledged the above and within Instrument of Lease to be his Act and deed.

    Before Francis Willett Justice Quorum

    [Endorsed:] Lease of the Naraganset Farm begin[ning] Mar. 1750 and Determining Mar. 1753.

    To Peter Reynolds

    Narragansett Farm Papers, p. 11. This extends Reynolds’s lease three years, in accordance with the provisions in No. 462. Three dots indicate omission of legal phraseology common to such documents.