347 Report of Sever and Wigglesworth

    [March 20 1726/7]

    The Corporation having desired us to go up to Menotomy and view the Lands in the Occupation of Messrs. Hill216 and Swan217 &c. We have been there and find a Lot of 7 Acres and ½ partly good mowing English grass-Land, and partly good plow-land, which we Suppose may be valued at £6 per Annum, the said Hill being obliged also to dress the Land yearly with such Quantity of dung as the Hay taken off from it will yield.

    There is also a wood lot or Pasture of twelve Acres in the said Hills occupation, the Pasturing but ordinary, and part of the Lot not within fence. We think it worth 20 shillings per Year, the said Hill being obliged also to carry the fence round the whole Lot.

    We viewed also a single Lot in the Occupation of Mr. Swan, less than two Acres, some of it mowed, and the rest pastured, which we think may be worth 20 shillings per Annum, his old lease is not yet out.

    We saw also another Lot upon the Rocks of twelve Acres; pretty well wooded unoccupied and unfenced.

    N. Sever

    Edward Wigglesworth

    Lands Miscellany, 1. 11. Tutor Nicholas Sever and Professor Edward WigglesWorth (both Fellows) perform a job for the Corporation. Menotomy was the name for what is now Arlington. For the order of the Corporation see CSM Publications, xvi. 547, and for the report, the same, p. 550.