381 Thomas Hollis “2nd” to Edward Wigglesworth

    London July 28, 1731


    I received your Letter of Condoleance dated May 1 on the loss of our common friend and patron268 and doubt not you truely simpathize with us in this afflictive stroke. I can only recomend to your Care and believe it your inclination to render his generous provision beneficial to those under your Care. Am Thankfull for your kind wishes on my behalf. I have hitherto recieved neither Mr. Coleman nor your Sermon on the Melancholly Occasion.269 Suppose them sent by some ship not yett arrived. Wherein I am capable of being serviceable to you in particular or the interest of the Colledg in Generall upon any Notice you will find me ready and disposed. My service to Mr. Greenwood and the Gentlemen under your Care. With Cordial Respects I am

    Sir Your humble servant

    Tho. Hollis

    delivered this letter to

    Capt. Homan Aug. 2

    [Addressed:] To Reverend Dr. Wigglesworth Professor in Harvard College, Cambridge, New England.

    [Endorsed:] Received September 24th, letter from Mr. Thomas Hollis 2d.

    Hollis-Leverett mss, Houghton Library. This Thomas was son of Thomas, Sr.’s brother, Nathaniel; he inherited his uncle’s estate, and survived him only four years. Since Thomas, Sr.’s father was Thomas, this Thomas was really 3rd.