308 Thomas Hollis to Benjamin Colman

    London Sept. 7, 1724

    Reverend Sir

    I have received yours dated July 17 by Capt. Dennis. Your good Brother brought it to me without charge, with it Mr. W---s book and appendix and 3 Sermons107 on occasion of Mr. Leverets death for which I thank you. They came opportunely to me on the day my very valluable Sister Ladds a Widdow died, and I have read them over, with some proffit, and am glad to see such honour done to the worthy President, and am waiting to heare whether Mr. Colman be the person that will at last fill up that chaire.

    I am glad to heare you have received Mr. Watts’s present108 to the library. Your Brother took your letter to him, being desiros to use it as a handle to visit him having some time longed for to see him—as also to Mr. D. Neale. At the arrival of Capt. Foresight—Osborn—Lethered—you will find letters from your freinds, and some valluable presents for your College library, which I hope will come safe to you. My Nepheu Hollis received your letter of thanks for his books, which he says is more then he desired or expected.

    If I should have any money at Boston, for use of your library, whether on decease of any persons among you, it might be laid out there in such books as are wanting, or whether I must bring it over, and purchase books here. Mr. S. Mather109 is about printing a Parentator here, he leavs out so very much of the Doctors book, I feare he will offend his Brother by it. He advises with Dr. Callamy in the affaire, and not with Mr. B-y,110 as I suppose. I have had 12 Catalogues of your library from Mr. Neale. They are almost all dispersed, as prudently as I can. He tells me I may have 12 more, I find very few are scattered, but by my hand, and am not with out some hopes, of being a means to convey more unto you, notwithstanding the hard Speeches of many against your Countrys management.

    With reference to Mr. Callender of whom you wrote, you have not offended me nor Mr. Wallin thereby, nor has he nor I made any use of it, but agreeable to your advice, and our answers are so worded, he cant think you the Author, if you do not betray your self. I am sorry Mr. B[radbur]y should trouble your town with his letters about his party quarrells with any in London. Would it answer any end I could send you coppys of his defamotary letters of the Honorable Nevill and Barrington, but I forbeare. He is here esteemed a Boutfon by many, he has newly been preaching against the use of Hymns in publick singing, having as is supposed Mr. Watts cheifly in his eye, who rather pittys him, then reproches him.

    The Young King of Spaine is dead of the Small Pox. With reference to Governor Shutes return, there is little now to add to what my last informed you. K. George has been some time now at Winsor, hunting and shooting. Whether the Governors affaire will be decided in Councilor as others think come before the Parlament—I cant tell—and I beleive you will have no certain news before April next. Incourage our Tresurer to send me the annual account so soon as he can. I am glad Mr. Professor designs to continue among you. I lately wrote unto him and now send him my thanks for his book. My love unto you and yours with my Wifes. Pray direct my nepheu Sam Solly, if he come for advice, about some evacuations for a disorder he complains of in his head. The affaire you wrote about his Masters uneasines I suppose is ordred to his Satisfaction. I know the Ladd has good Capacity and hope God will keep him sober, and that Mr. Caswall will make him a good Master.

    Your very loving friend

    Thomas Hollis

    [Endorsed:] No. 35.

    Hollis Letters and Papers, p. 56. There is no address.