395 Francis Willett to Treasurer Hutchinson

    N. Kingstown, August 10th. 1732


    I have at Last the offer of one Paske Austin a very suteable Tennant for the Land belonging to the Colledge. He will take it for fourteen years, clear the land and sett out the orchard as was proposed; but instead of the four Loads of hay to be allowed him, he will have Twenty Goats, which will cost about three pounds more, he will begin his Lease the Twenty fifth of March Next, but the house need not be built untill the Summer following; he haveing some time in one near, which will serve. If these proposals are complyed with, the Lease may be drawn and the sooner the better, for their is severall has given him the Like offers; but I incorage him that on this Land he may be settled for his Life time, for that it will always be Rented: he must have the Land so far Eastward as the River that Runs through it, for that their is no Lasting water on the other part, which will some what infringe on Mrs. Coles Lease; but she is willing, or if she should afterward alter her mind, for that part of comeing to the water he will bare with us till her Lease is expired. He desires to know your minds in this affair as soone as may be, that if he takes it, he may be putting it in some way. Pray give my service to Coz. Flint if oppertunity present. Sir I am with all due Respects yours to Serve.

    Francis Willett.

    [Addressed:] To Edward Hutchinson Esq. in Boston.

    Narragansett Farm Papers, Supplement.