389 Treasurer Hutchinson to President Wadsworth

    Boston March 18th, 1731/[32]

    Reverend Sir,

    Mr. Gardner who hired the College Farme at Narraganset has just now been with me and paid the whole of the Rent, but with respect to his not having performed the condition of the Lease I advised him to go to Cambridge where he might have opportunity of talking with you and some other of the Corporation to settle the matter; he saies he designes to go this day or monday next, according I inclose his Lease for direction in the affair.

    Sir Your Humble servant

    Edwd. Hutchinson

    [Addressed:] To the Reverend Mr. Benjamin Wadsworth President of Harvard College Cambridge About Mr. Gardner, at Narrhagansett.

    Narragansett Farm Papers, Supplement.