418 Townsend Committee Report

    May 2 1734.

    May the second 1734 laid out by us the subscribers, unto Harvard Colledg pursuant to a vote of the Proprietors of Townshend passed the second Wednesday in April 1734 one Hundred Acres of Land in Consideration of a first and second Division, and meadow-Right, begining at a stake and stones at the most southwesterly corner of Cambridg school-farm, from thence runing southeasterly by a line of marked Trees one Hundred and sixty Rodds bounded on common-Land near the station-Lott to a small Chessnutt Tree with a heap of stones; which is the most southwesterly Corner; from thence Runing to the Southward of east one-Hundred Rodds to a Red oak Tree marked, from thence runing to the Eastward of North by a line of marked Trees one Hundred and Sixty Rodds to a stak and stones, and from thence runing one Hundred Rodds Northward of west bounding upon Cambridg School-Farm to a stake and stones where the bounds first began

    William Lawrance


    Jasher Wyman

    Amos Whitney

    A true Coppy Attested

    Jasher Wyman Proprietors—Clerk

    Lands Papers, Miscellaneous, 1. 42. A copy of the vote setting up the Committee appears in CSM Publications, xv. 281.