383 Memorandum Regarding Deeds

    September 9th 1731

    Mem. That it appears by two deeds in Col. Hutchinsons Custody

    1 That Robin Hood by the first deed made anno 1649 stiles himself of Negwasteg in America Indian and grants by deed arowsick Island to John Richards now inhabitant of the same arowsick Island.

    2 That Mowholiwearmot of Negwasteg in America Indian commonly called by the Name of Robin Hood anno 1639 grants by another deed to Edward Bateman and John Brown all his right title interest of one place or seat commonly called by the name of Negwasteg lying between the bounds of Sagadahoc river on the western side thereof and Sheepscooke River on the eastern side thereof one great pond lying on the North side thereof and the river commonly called Negwasteg river on the south west side thereof with one Wigwam or Indian house as also all grounds woods rivers &c. lately in the Treasure or possession of Menywormot deceased and by succession and inheritance in the lawful tenure of the said Mowholiwormot or Robin Hood.

    Minutted per H. Flynt

    Merricaneag Neck Papers.