450 Extract from Will of James Townsend

    [May 23 1738]

    Know all Men by these presents that I the before named James Townsend Do make this Codicil to my Will vizt, I give the sum of five Hundred Pounds to the Corporation of Harvard College in Cambridge to be paid by my Executors named in the said Will, within a year after my Decease, The said sum to be Let out upon Interest by the Treasurer of said College, the whole of said Interest to be annually paid to the Hollisian Professor of Divinity there for the time being for his more Comfortable support and encouragement in his important station and Business. In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty third day of May Anno Domini One thousand seven hundered and thirty eight.

    James Townsend

    Signed Sealed and Published by Mr. James Townsend as a Codicill to his last Will and Testament (on the other Leaf) in presence of us Witnesses.

    Samuell Tyley

    Samuell Tyley junior

    Samuell Swift junior

    a copy

    [Endorsed:] Entered as an Extract, Donation Book, p. 187.

    Wills, Gifts, and Grants, p. 16. This extract is printed in CSM Publications, xvi. 852–853. The donor, who died in 1738, was the son of James Townsend (A.B. 1692). This is an early example of an addition to funds given by a previous donor.