259 Thomas Hollis to Benjamin Colman

    London Sept.1, 1722


    I wrote unto you the 18 August by Capt. Foye. These are to inform you that I send a box of books free of charges by Capt. Jonathon Clark, who will deliver it unto you, and when you have opened it I intreat you to dispose of them as is here directed.15

    • One fine larg Bible with Notes for the use of the Professor of Divinity and his successors in Cambridge NE.
    • One large Herbal16 and some dryed plants—too many have been lost or spoyled by removals—for the College library.
    • Dr. T. Goodwin,17 folio, Exposition on 1. c. of Ephesians for the College, but if the library has it already, then pray send it to my freind Elisha Callender.
    • Dr. Grew18 a thin folio. Cosmologia Sacra for the College but if the library has it, then it is at the servise of my Reverend Freind Mr. Benjamin Colman.
    • Thomas Burnet, of the Charterhouse—his sacred Theory of the Earth 2 Vollums in English—for the College—but if the Library has them, then to Mr. Benjamin Colman.
    • Josep Pyke19 on the Trinitarian Controversy for Mr. B. Colman
      John Goffe20Essay on the Divinity of Christ

      all three for Mr. E. Callender.
      John Goffe21Sermons on the Divinity of Christ
      John Guyse Do. on the Divinity of the Spirit
      3 Sermons. Piggot. Smith. Clark
      For Mr. Callender
      3 Pamphlets about the Plague
      for Mr. Colman
    • Dr. Gale,22 Reflections on Mr. Walls history of Baptism
      • if the College library please to accept it, if not pray deliver it to Mr. E. Callender.

    The want of a Catalogue of your library you see Sir is the occasion of sundry repetitions, in devizing away these few books; but I hope we shal be favored with it shortly for the publick servise of the College.

    Capt. Clark was so kind to come and dine with me the 28th Aug. and wanted to see my picture, which is not yet finisht, nor will it be while he stays. So I Gave him a note to goe to the Painters, and he wil tell you what forwardnes he sees it in.

    I have lent R. Arias the book of R. Monis to read. He tells me he shal be glad to receive a letter by my hand to himself from R. Monis, if he wil take the troble to write to him. I pray you Sir, whose heart is reddy for a good work to consult and advise with him about it. It is a rare thing at London to find a Jew willing to acquaint himself with any thing that opposes his owne borne Tenets. He is a Jew because his Father was a Jewe. The Portuguese Jews have a noble Sinagouge at London with many out buildings useful and comodios. The Duch Jews are now following them, but not so grand in a piece of ground in Shoemakers rowe, neare the other. And a Bricklaer told me some days agoe he was treating with a rich Jewe to build a Third in Gravel lane Hounsditch. Mr. Arias tells me, it is not a different sect, but some privat quarrel in some familys. The Jews are a very numeros people dispersed in Europe and Asia. I beleive they shal be called as the Apostle directs our Faith 11 Romans 25, 26 &c. but when? how long first? is known onely to the Lord. They now call for our Pitty and our Prayers for them.

    The Bishop of Rochester was committed to the Tower for high Treason a week since. King George &c. went this week a progres to Salisbury and Portsmouth. Our Parlament are summoned to meet 9 October next. The Plague is almost ceased in France. Pray present my Christian Salutations to the President and the Corporation and the Divinity Professor. Pray let me know if Mr. Wigglesworth is to be one of the Corporation, by your new projected regulation.

    Your Loving brand

    Thomas Hollis

    To Mr. Benjamin Colman.

    [Endorsed:] Received Oct. 29 1722 and answered in part. No. 15.

    Hollis Letters and Papers, p. 33.