416 Data for Enclosure to Bordman

    [April 23 1734]

    The Corporation Oct. 19, 1733, appointed Messrs. President, Flynt and Steward Bordman, to take care of the College Lands at Townsend. On Nov. 26, 1733, they desired Mr. Jones to go to Townsend about said Buisness; and Dec. 13, 1733, said Jones told us, he had been at Townsend, and found, that nothing was setled or entred in any authentick Records about the College interest there. Mr. Jones had an order to the Steward for 25s for his service allready done. Mr. Jones then said, he had entred with the Town Clark at Townsend a desire, that when the next Proprietors meeting was notified, a clause should be inserted that the College interest might be considered. We then desired Mr. Jones to [procure?] the directions given him Nov. 26, 1733. And agreed with him, that he finding himself with Horse and provision, should have eight shillings per day for what time he necessarily spends in College service; and if he imploys his instruments as surveyer in the College service, then 12s per day. If he should imploy chain-men in College service, he is to hire them as cheap as he can, and give an account of it to us, we suppose ’twould not be more than 5s per day for a chainmen.

    Mr. Jones for 7 days about College Lands at Townsend at 8s per day

    £ s

    £ s

    £ d

    2–16 and one days surveying out of this 3–08 deduct 9–6 of College



    £ s d

    money paid him by Capt. Bordman before, remains 2–18–6

    On Jan. 5, 1734 I gave the Steward an order to pay Mr. Jones this £ s d

    2–18–6. Mr. Jones asked for 16s more, because he had his surveying instruments abroad with him 5 days, though he used ’em but one; the consideration of this 16s was left till Mr. Flynt (now absent) should give his opinion.


    Mr. Jones

    April 23, 1734. The President, Mr. Flynt, Steward Bordman (College Committee about Townshend Lands) proposed to, and agreed with, Capt. Moses Bordman to assist Mr. Jones in laying out College Lands at Townsend; Capt. Bordman to have 8s per day, the hire of his Horse paid, and the charge of subsistence for himself and Horse; if any thing extraordinary should happen, that to be afterwards considered.

    Mem. Mesrs. President and Flynt April 23, 1734, gave the Steward order by a written note, to pay Capt. Bordman £7 refering to the above affair.

    [Endorsed:] For Capt. Bordman and Mr. Jones—about Townsend Lands April 23, 1734.

    Lands Papers, Miscellaneous, 1. 41; in Wadsworth’s hand.