307 Thomas Hollis to Benjamin Colman

    August 1 [1724]

    August 1. I have received your three letters by Capt. Barlow July 27, a quick passage, which were dated June 16, 23, 25. I thank you for the particular notices you give me of your College affairs. I send them to Mr. Neale to read; he resides this summer at Clapham for benefit of the Aire for himself and family.

    In order to make Mr. Wigglesworth easy for a settlement in his Professorship, if you and the Gentlemen Advise to it, now you have proved him, I shall like that his ReElection be waved at the 5 years end, and consent to it. How often have I said it would be pleasing to me to heare he behaves well and be rechosen. I have been ledd into those Rules by the Gentlemen on the Spott, and shall be reddy to alter any as by use are found inconvenient, upon your and their advice and request, but I also live in hopes, that some time or other the Corporation will gratify me so far as to send me their Obligation to fulfill my Trusts—since last yeare to gratify the Scrupulos I gave leave to them, to word it to their own liking—that I may have some thing to leave to my successors to showe what I have been doing these past years.

    I am pleased with the thought of your buying the house of late President Leveret for Mr. Sewell105 or who ever is President in coming time to dwell in. And if the Government dont buy it, and your Corporation have money in cash I think it is wise for you to do it.

    I forward to you about £100 Star, in books106 for your library at College. There is roome to lay out £500 Star. more for to furnish it well for a publick library. Now if you have moneys to spare why should not [yee?] see to lay it out in such books as you are sensible are wanting.

    My Nephew Hollis received your letter and thanks you. My Brother John received yours for Mrs. Tory and sends now by Osborn the goods she desires. As to Mr. Bradbury, I am of Opinion, if he be wrote unto in a respectfull manner, and have sufficient instructions, he may be usefull with reference to your College Charter and Privileges; for by his witty facetious caridg and repartees, he has the Eares of some persons of Distinction. In this affaire Shute and Cook and He are all agreed I beleive, to do what good they can for the College but pray Guard, against imploying him in anything about your Civil affairs in Government. I think him not fitt for it, and he will not forbeare clashing against the family of the Shutes.

    My Nepheu Richard Solly has discorst Mr. Caswall at London and he seems displeased with his Brother for disputing the contract he had agreed unto. He will write by this Ship that he shall finish it, and send it over to him, and then Mr. Richard Solly is to sign a bond for his Brothers fidellity. I supose your Brother Colman writes to you largely by this Ship of his own affairs, and the publick also.

    My hearty love and service to all our good freinds who love our Lord Jesus and who wish success to our College.

    Your Loving friend

    Thomas Hollis

    [Endorsed:] No. 34.

    Hollis Letters and Papers, p. 55. There is no salutation and no address.