392 Francis Willett to Treasurer Hutchinson

    N. Kingstown June 3d 1732


    I have here inclosed Mrs. Coles Lease which she has signed, and have indeavered to get a Tennant for the other part, but cannot to my mind, but as soon as I can shall informe you theirof. The Objections made is that they think the quantity of Land to be cleared and subdued will be to hard for them to performe. As to the house it Lyes such a distance from me, I cannot undertake the oversight theirof, but will indeavour to agree with one to build it, when a Tennant is found. I have one in my View, and if he failes doubt I shall be put to some difficulty to get one, our poor people being generally to idle for such an undertakeing. I am with due

    Respects Yours to Serve

    Francis Willett

    [Addressed:] To Edward Hutchinson Esq. in Boston.

    Narragansett Farm Papers, Supplement.