440 Testimony of Joseph Pearson

    [February 15 1736/37]

    Joseph Pearson of Rowley aged about fifty nine years Testifyeth that about the year sixteen hundred and ninety two he went to school to the Reverend Mr. Payson of Rowley to learn to write and that Mr. Payson frequently sent him to carry his cows to and keep them in the warehouse Pasture so called in Rowley which he accordingly did.

    Joseph Pearson

    Sworn in Court at Salem by adjournment February 15 1736

    Attest Mitchel Sewall Cler[k]

    A true Copy Examined

    per Mitchel Sewall Cler[k]

    Rowley Lands Papers. There is another copy in the collection, which ends: “A true copy examined per Samuel Tyley Cler.” This testimony was taken for the Lambert case. Testimony from others, to be found in the collection, plus certain notes and miscellany, have not been copied, in part because of their poor condition.