484 Extract from the Will of John Ellery


    A Device from the last Will and Testement of Mr. John Ellery deceasd—

    Item I Give to Harvard College in Cambrige in New-England, One Hundred and Fifty Pounds Old Tenor to be Deposed of by the Overseers or Trustees towards the Maintanance of any of the Students that may stand in need of such help, to be paid by my Executors in Convenient time after my Decease.

    A True Copy Certified per

    James Church Executor

    Wills, Gifts, and Grants, p. 15. John Ellery (A.B. 1732) died in 1746; see CSM, Publications, xvi. 854. The penciled notation at the top is 1732, date of his graduation, not of his death.