433 Tripp–Cleaveland Proposals


    Mem. April 12, 1736.

    Mr. Trip on behalf of Mr. Cleaveland offers to hire the western end of the College Farm at Narrhaganset, proposes to have it 14 year, intirely to subdue 30 Acres, and plant an orchard of 100 Trees, fence it well without charge to the College; and if the College will give £15 for buying 20 Goats, he’ll then su[b]due 3 Acres a year for 14 years. He proposes to cut no wood or Timber from the Farm save only for fencing the Land, and fuel for one fire constantly and what he necessarily cutts for clearing Land.

    March 30 1737 Mr. Cleaveland says our answer by Tripp was he might have 60 acres upon terms wee should agree on that he quarrelled with Gold when carrying a timber tree or Logg from the farm for undermining him in seeking to hire the place out of his hand, who told him the terms were so high he would not take the place, and Cleaveland says nobody wil hire if he himself, dont and that he wil hire it with building or without and desires to be resolved.

    [Addressed:] The Reverend Mr. Benjamin Wadsworth President of Harvard College in Cambridge.

    Narragansett Farm Papers, p. 6.