432 Townsend Committee Report

    December Anno Domini 1735 laid out to Harvard Colledg Within the Township of Townshend Two-Hundred and Fifty Acres of Land (Being in full satisfaction of a Reserve made in the origanal Grant of said Township). The most easterly corner being a stake and heap of stones in the the Town-line at or near Cambridg School-Farm from which the line Runs South 31½ Degrees West by Common Land one hundred and sixty poles to a Black-oak-tree marked, thence turning a Right Angle and Running West 31½ Degrees North on Common Land two-hundred and fifty poles to a Black-oak-tree, marked for a Corner, There makeing a Right Angle and Running North 31½ Degrees east on Common land one hundred and sixty poles to a stake and stones in the Town line, Thence turning and Running east 31½ Degrees south in the line of the Township Two hundred and fifty poles to the Corner first mentioned; all of which Corners are well marked, and a sufficient number of Boundaries made in the several lines.

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    William Lawrence

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    Jasher Wyman

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    Jasher Wyman—Proprietors Clerk

    Lands Papers, Miscellaneous, 1. 43. This completes the laying-out of the 250-acre grant to the College in Townsend. The Report appears in CSM Publications, xv. 291.