365 Thomas Hollis to Edward Wigglesworth

    London, January 24 1729/30247

    Mr. Edward Wigglesworth

    Deare Sir

    I wrote unto you I think the 11 October by Capt. Rogells with 3 pamphlets of the Resurection, which I hope you will receive safe, though he had a long waiting in the Downes for a faire wind, he had a good out sett at last.

    Mr. Samuel Solly arived safe here about 24 November and gave me your letter dated 2 September with 7 sticht sermons. I have distributed them all as directed and thank you. The Reverend Dr. Oldfeild is since gone to rest,248 the other Six are yet living; may God continue them among us, and yet raise up other useful laborers and send them into our Vinyard. We have lately had another Defection of three or four of our young Minsters, conformed to the establisht Church, whose service our meeting houses wil miss, seing we have now few candidates for the Ministry and Church livings are so many Bates for preferment, tempting them away from us, and the power of Religion and Godlines visibly decaying among us is worst of all. I have been informed by one or two of your reentring into a married state,249 which I approve of, and wish to you and to your bride the blessings suitable to it, Love and Unity. My love to Mr. President and all your Pupils on my foundation. I send you herewith a book of Mr. Dodsons Sermons,250 I have read or heard read with pleasure and I apprehend you may do so also.

    My love unto you and all freinds

    Your Loving Friend

    Thomas Hollis

    I have sent in a box to Mr. Hutchinson sundry books and sermons. I think

    I have written the names each one is designed for. February 3.

    Hollis-Leverett mss, Houghton Library.