388 Thomas Hollis “2nd” to Edward Wigglesworth

    Dr. Wigglesworth London February 3, 1731/2


    I Recieved your Obligeing Letter of the 2d October and Return you thanks for your present which shall take care duely to distribute, having before recieved those Transmitted by Col. Hutchinson. I Doubt not your affection and reguard to the Memory of your honoured founder nor your Capacity and Willingness to promote his pious design, Heartily praying for a blessing on your honest Endeavours. My service to Professor Greenwood from whom I have not yet been favoured with one line tho itts many months since I wrote to him. Pray tell him Gently there are some Gentlemen of his profession make the same complaint and are apt to think him Negligent to his discreditt which I beg him to remedy for his reputations sake.

    I have by this Conveyance remitted to Mr. Hutchinson as Treasurer of the Colledg seven hundred pounds your Money with a request when entred into Cash it may be placed att Interest and out of the produce Twenty pounds per Annum may be paid to you and the like sum to the professor of the Mathematicks &c. and your Successors towards your more comfortable subsistence.

    My Father Mr. Nathaniel Hollis hath remitted for Two Exhibitions for Indian Students designed for the ministry who will fall under your care. When itt happens recomend them as an addition to my Uncles pious design. With hearty Tenders of Service to you and Mr. Professor Greenwood

    I remain

    Sir, Your humble Servant

    Tho. Hollis

    Hollis-Leverett mss, Houghton Library.