304 Judah Monis to the Corporation

    [Cambridge July the 3th 1724]

    To the Reverend Corporation of Harvard Colledge, Greeting Gentlemen

    The first Year, when all the Hebreshians that came to be instructed by me were Novices, it was ordered by the Corporation that I should attend 4 times a week viz the 2d and 4th Days of the week at 2 of the clock in the after-noon, and the 6th and 7th at 9 of the clock in the forenoon.

    The 2d Year, for to prevent inteffering with other studies, the Freshmen that came to be instructed, the Corporation ordered, they should attend (so long as they recited to their Tutor) 3 times a week viz, the 4th 5th and 6th days a week at 2 of the clock in the after-noon, and the Seniors and Juniors two times viz the 6th and 7th days at 9th of the clock in the forenoon.

    Now since there is 3 different classes that do this year attend said instructions, I think (with submission) it is necessary to be ordered (either at this meeting, or next, if it is to be, before the Scholars meet againe) three different times for their attendance as also to apoint a place where they are to meet in the winter time.

    Gentlemen I remain your most faithfull servant

    J. Monis

    Corporation Papers. On May 5, 1724 the Corporation voted an inquiry as to Hebrew instruction, and on August 11 adopted a schedule of classes and assigned the lower chamber in the northwest corner of the Old College to Monis. CSM Publications, xvi. 506, 512.