253 Thomas Hollis to Edward Hutchinson

    London June 11, 1722

    Mr. Edward Hutchinson


    I wrote unto you the 17 May by Capt. Norwood, which letter I sent to the Downes after him. I hope he wil arrive safe and I refer to it, since which I received your Coppy of the former by Osborn and a post script dated 21, 24 April—for all which I thank you—and am glad to find by yours that Cradock has paid his two larger bills. And acording to his letter newly received I hope his last bill is paid ere this. I write to him in answer with my thanks for his so good Compliance, and whereas Mr. Gilbert is now here, if I can agree with him, I think I may venture my remaining summe by that hand, it being now brought into a narrow compas. I am glad Mr. Pym has paid £50 in part of his last parsel and I hope your next will be bring[ing] me account of the residue. I am pleased to heare my moneys are lett out on good Securitys and thank you Sir for your care therein, and by the blessing of God do hope there will be annual income to pay my Professor and Students. I doe in my calculations make some allowance for loss of Interest in Exchanging of bonds—also some necessary expences—and postige of letters, all which relating to my Trust, if you Debit the account I will allow of it, and hope to have a pleasure in an annual passing and aproving of your accounts, while I live and that my successors also may have the same.

    I desire now to have an account of the College Register of my Students now their number is ordred to be filled up, that I may keep by me to review, and see the annual alterations—their Names—Ages—time of entrance—for how long chosen—when they are to goe off exept they are rechosen.

    Pray cause your servant or some how to deliver the inclosed letters. If any are open for you to read, pray seale up before delivery. I send you a bill and accounts of 8 casks Nales sent to Mr. Tyler last yeare. I have drawn a bill on him for £30 NE Money, and ordred him to pay to you for use of the College the remaining Nett produce without Commissions, according to his agreement with me to promote a good work, and to forward his account to me.

    If you have occasion to send me any packets of letters or accounts (I doe not meane single letters) pray write on the outside for the Captain to deliver with his own hand, and he will keep it out of the Post office and save the charge of 12d or 16d postige for every ounce weight.

    Sir I return you thanks for offers of servise to me in my returns of moneys for the College use, and otherwise. When there comes in course a vacansy to be filled up in my exhibitions I think it might be proper to have more then one recomended with their qualifications, that I may have some choice, and not barely accept or Refuse at this distance the person nominated.

    I have not yet signed the faire coppy of my orders as now amended by your Overseers, but I consent to their amendments, and am considring of some additional article relating to my Successors. But perhaps I shal sign what is now fairely written and leave the other addition in a paper signed by me, if it please God to continue life.

    I have taken care living or dying that you may have moneys to answer my Trusts—which I am glad of, having been under a little surprize this day, by the Gout flying from my foot and suddenly affecting my head. Perhaps the means I am now directed unto may return the humor to the foot again. Be it as God pleases, I am his, and desire to resign patiently to what shall be his Will. For me to live is Christ, to die I hope will be my gaine, being surely perswaded to be with Christ is best of all, but what I may yet suffer in the flesh first I know not, nor would I be over careful for to morrow.


    Your Loving Friend

    Thomas Hollis

    PS June 18.

    By Capt. Osbornes delay in his departure I have opportunity to add I am now lame in both feet, my head is pretty wel and have Patience to beare it. My repeated Services to all my good freinds, whose Prayers for me to God I vallue, that I may be kept an honest Man faithful to the End of my present life.


    Hollis Letters and Papers, p. 30.