317 Othniel Campbell’s Bond

    [April 5 1725]

    Know all men by these presents That we Othniel Cambell now Student of Harvard College in Cambridge in the County of Middlesex in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England and Eleazer Carver Blacksmith and Daniel Alden Yeoman both of Bridgwater in the County of Plymouth and Province aforesaid are holden and stand firmly bound and obliged unto Edward Hutchinson of Boston in the County of Suffolk and Province aforesaid Esq. Treasurer of the said College in the Sum of Five Hundred Pounds Lawful money of New England to be paid unto the said Edward Hutchinson as Treasurer aforesaid his Successors in the said office or assigns, for the use of the said College To the true payment whereof we Joyntly and Severally bind our Selves our and each of our Heirs Executors and Administrators in the whole and for the whole firmly by these presents.

    Sealed with our Seals Dated the Fifth day of April in the Eleventh year of His Majesty’s reign Annoque Domini One thousand Seven hundred and twenty five.

    The Condition of this obligation is such That whereas the Reverend President and Fellows of Harvard College in Cambridge aforesaid have the Disposition of Money, for the Propagation of the Gospel among the Native Indians in New England, and have accepted the said Othniel Cambel to have (by the Will of God) an Accademical Education out of the said moneys to Qualify him for the Work of the Gospel Ministry among the said Native Indians of New England. If therefore the said Othniel Cambel shall Diligently and Carefully pursue his studies in the College according to the direction of the President and Fellows of the said College for the time being, and Devote himself to Preach the Gospel among the Indians in any part of this Province, wheresoever the President and Fellows of the said College and the Honorable the Commissioners of the Indian Corporation shall see cause to send him, Provided also that a Support and maintenance suitable to the Difficulty and Importance of the Service be by them Provided and Afforded. Then the abovewritten obligation to be Void and of none Effect. But in case the said Cambell shall refuse to perfect his studies, or afterwards to Devote himself to the service aforementioned, Then this present Obligation to be and remain in full force and vertue.

    Signed Sealed and Delivered

    in presence of us.

    Benjamin Allen

    Othniel Campbell

    Thomas Leonard

    Eleazer Carver


    Daniel Alden

    Whereas in the bond on the other side of this paper only this province viz. Massachusets is mentioned I doe hereby promise and oblige myself to be as subject and obedient to the directions of the Corporation if they shal order mee to serve as a Gospel Minister among Indians in Conecticut or Road Island Colonys as I am obliged to be in the province of the Massachusets bay. In Witness whereof I have at a Meeting of the Corporation in the College Library June 2d 1725 hereunto set my hand and seal.

    In presence of us139


    Nathan Prince

    Othniel Campbell

    John Hancock Junior


    College Papers, 1. 70 (No. 148). Othniel Campbell (A.B. 1728) was released from his bond because there was no opening among the Indians; see Sibley, Sketches (Shipton), VII. 370.